ncert Books for Class 6 new syllabus PDF For All Subjects

ncert Books for Class 6 new syllabus

Class 6 is the year where students need to realise that their performance will have a major impact on their future prospects. In this stage, students develop interests and pay particular attention to developments in the academic fields. To score well in Class 6 students should know the right material to choose for study. Among them, ncert Books for Class 6 is the most valuable study resource which is designed by a panel of subject matter experts. We at etsbuy provide ncert Books for Class 6 for subjects Maths, Science, Social Studies, English, and Hindi.

Class 6 ncert Books provide a specific explanation of every concept of all the units under the ncert Class 6 Syllabus. ncert books use simple language to describe any concept so that students can easily grasp difficult concepts. Students can access these textbooks of ncert Class 6 by clicking the link mentioned in the table below. The textbooks are provided in PDF format so that students can download them for future reference. It helps to clear their doubts and fetch more marks in the exam.

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ncert Book for Class 6 English
ncert Book for Class 6 Maths
ncert Book for Class 6 Science
ncert Book for Class 6 Social Science

ncert Book for Class 6 Maths

ncert Books for Class 6 new syllabus is available in two languages – English and Hindi on our etsbuy website to help students score well in Maths. These books are easy to understand and are known to simplify even the most complicated topics. The Maths book of ncert Class 6 helps in building a solid foundation for higher classes as well. Click the link below to download PDF of ncert Book for Class 6 Maths in English and Hindi. These textbooks are prepared by referring to ncert Class 6 Maths Syllabus.

R Book for Class 6 Mathematics
एनसीईआरटी कक्षा 6 गणित

Download ncert Class 6 Maths Book Chapter wise:

Maths Chapters in EnglishMaths Chapters in Hindi
Chapter 1: Knowing Our Numbersअध्याय 1: अपनी संख्याओं की जानकारी
Chapter 2: Whole Numbersअध्याय 2: पूर्ण संख्याएँ
Chapter 3: Playing With Numbersअध्याय 3: संख्याओं के साथ खेलना
Chapter 4: Basic Geometrical Ideasअध्याय 4: आधारभूत ज्यामितीय अवधारणाएँ
Chapter 5: Understanding Elementary Shapesअध्याय 5: प्रारंभिक आकारों को समझना
Chapter 6: Integersअध्याय 6: पूर्णांक
Chapter 7: Fractionsअध्याय 7: भिन्न
Chapter 8: Decimalsअध्याय 8: दशमलव
Chapter 9: Data Handlingअध्याय 9: आँकड़ों का प्रबंधन
Chapter 10: Mensurationअध्याय 10: क्षेत्रमिति
Chapter 11: Algebraअध्याय 11: बीजगणित
Chapter 12: Ratio and Proportionअध्याय 12: अनुपात और समानुपात
Chapter 13: Symmetryअध्याय 13: सममिति
Chapter 14: Practical Geometryअध्याय 14: प्रायोगिक ज्यामिती
Brain Teaserदिमागी कसरत

ncert Book for Class 6 Science

ncert Textbook of Class 6 Science consists of all three sections Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. These textbooks are designed by subject matter experts in accordance with the ncert Class 6 Science Syllabus. Students should refer to their Science textbook while preparing for the exam because the final question paper will be prepared to refer to it. The Science textbook of ncert for Class 6 is highly recommendable as it helps enhance knowledge for exam purposes.

ncert Book for Class 6 Science
एनसीईआरटी कक्षा 6 विज्ञान

Download ncert Class 6 Science Book Chapter wise:

Science Chapters in EnglishScience Chapters in Hindi
Chapter 1: Food: Where Does It Come From?अध्याय 1: भोजन: यह कहाँ से आता है?
Chapter 2: Components of Foodअध्याय 2: भोजन के घातक
Chapter 3: Fibre to Fabricअध्याय 3: तंतु से वस्त्र तक
Chapter 4: Sorting Materials and Groupsअध्याय 4: वस्तुओं के समूह बनाना
Chapter 5: Separation of Substancesअध्याय 5: पदार्थो का पृथक्करण
Chapter 6: Changes Around Usअध्याय 6: हमारे चारों ओर के परिवर्तन
Chapter 7: Getting to Know Plantsअध्याय 7: पौधो को जानिए
Chapter 8: Body Movementअध्याय 8: शरीर में गति
Chapter 9: The Living Organisms and Their Surroundingsअध्याय 9: सजीव एवं उनका परिवेश
Chapter 10: Motion and Measurement of Distancesअध्याय 10: गति एवं दूरिओं का मापन
Chapter 11: Light, Shadows and Reflectionsअध्याय 11: प्रकाश – छायाएँ एवं परावर्तन
Chapter 12: Electricity and Circuitsअध्याय 12: विधुत तथा परिपथ
Chapter 13: Fun with Magnetsअध्याय 13: चुंबकों द्वारा मनोरंजन
Chapter 14: Waterअध्याय 14: जल
Chapter 15: Air Around Usअध्याय 15: हमारे चारों ओर वायु
Chapter 16: Garbage In, Garbage Outअध्याय 16: कचरा – संग्रहण एवं निपटान

ncert Book for Class 6 Social Science

In the table provided below, we have given the PDF link ofrbse Book for Class 6 Social Science for History, Geography and Civics. Students can score the desired marks if they refer to these books for their exam preparations. ncert has published these books in English as well as in Hindi. Social Science textbook for Class 6 is prepared by a panel of subject matter experts, according to the syllabus prescribed by the Board.

ncert Class 6 Social Studies – History-our Past
एनसीईआरटी कक्षा 6 सामाजिक अध्ययन – इतिहास-हमारे अतीत
R Class 6 Social Studies – The Earth – Our Habitat
एनसीईआरटी कक्षा 6 सामाजिक अध्ययन – पृथ्वी- हमारा आवास
R Class 6 Social Studies – Social and Political Life
एनसीईआरटी कक्षा 6 सामाजिक अध्ययन – सामाजिक एवं राजनीतिक जीवन-1

Download ncert Class 6 Social Studies Book Chapter wise:

History – Our Pasts Part Iइतिहास – हमारे अतीत – I
Chapter 1: What Where, How and When?अध्याय 1: क्या, कब, कहाँ और कैसे?
Chapter 2: From Hunting – Gathering to Growing Foodअध्याय 2: आखेट – खाद्य संग्रह से उत्पादन तक
Chapter 3: In the Earliest Citiesअध्याय 3: आरंभिक नगर
Chapter 4: What Books and Burials Tell Usअध्याय 4: क्या बताती हैं हमें किताबें और कब्रें
Chapter 5: Kingdoms, Kings and an Early Republicअध्याय 5: राज्य, राजा और एक प्राचीन गणराज्य
Chapter 6: New Questions and Ideasअध्याय 6: नए प्रश्न नए विचार
Chapter 7: Ashoka, The Emperor who Gave up Warअध्याय 7: अशोक: एक अनोखा सम्राट जिसने युद्ध का त्याग किया
Chapter 8: Vital Villages, Thriving Townsअध्याय 8: खुशहाल गावँ और समृद्ध शहर
Chapter 9: Traders, Kings and Pilgrimsअध्याय 9: व्यापारी, राजा और तीर्थयात्री
Chapter 10: New Empires and Kingdomsअध्याय 10: नए साम्राज्य और राज्य
Chapter 11: Buildings, Paintings and Booksअध्याय 11: इमारतें, चित्र तथा किताबें
Geography – The Earth Our Habitat Part Iभूगोल – पृथ्वी: हमारा आवास
Chapter 1: The Earth in the Solar Systemपाठ 1: सौरमंडल से पृथ्वी
Chapter 2: Globe: Latitudes and Longitudesपाठ 2: ग्लोब: अक्षांश एवं देशांतर
Chapter 3: Motions of the Earthपाठ 3: पृथ्वी की गतियां
Chapter 4: Mapsपाठ 4: मानचित्र
Chapter 5: Major Domains of the Earthपाठ 5: पृथ्वी के प्रमुख परिमंडल
Chapter 6: Major Landforms of the Earthपाठ 6: पृथ्वी के प्रमुख स्थलमंडल
Chapter 7: Our Country – Indiaपाठ 7: हमारा देश: भारत
Chapter 8: India: Climate, Vegetation and Wildlifeपाठ 8: भारत: जलवायु, वसस्पति तथा वन्य प्राणी
Political Science – Our social and political life Part Iसामाजिक एवं राजनितिक जीवन – I
Chapter 1: Understanding Diversityअध्याय 1: विविधता की समझ
Chapter 2: Diversity and Discriminationअध्याय 2: विविधता एवं भेदभाव
Chapter 3: What is Government?अध्याय 3: सरकार क्या है?
Chapter 4: Key Elements of a Democratic Governmentअध्याय 4: लोकतांत्रिक सरकार के मुख्य तत्व
Chapter 5: Panchayati Rajअध्याय 5: पंचायती राज
Chapter 6: Rural Administrationअध्याय 6: गाँव का प्रशासन
Chapter 7: Urban Administrationअध्याय 7: नगर प्रशासन
Chapter 8: Rural Livelihoodsअध्याय 8: ग्रामीण क्षेत्र में आजीविका
Chapter 9: Urban Livelihoodsअध्याय 9: शहरी क्षेत्र में आजीविका

ncert Book for Class 6 Hindi

Students of Class 6 should prepare for their Hindi exam by referring to ncert Class 6 Hindi textbook. It is prepared by subject matter experts by referring to the syllabus of ncert Class 6 Hindi. These textbooks are considered as the best study material to clear their doubts and gain complete clarity.

एनसीईआरटी कक्षा 6 वसंत भाग १
एनसीईआरटी कक्षा 6 दुर्वा भाग १
एनसीईआरटी कक्षा 6 बाल राम कथा

Download ncert Class 6 Hindi Book Chapter wise

Vasant Bhag 1 (वसंत भाग 1)Doorva Part – 1 (दूर्वा भाग 1)
पाठ 1: वह चिड़िया जोपाठ 1: कलम
पाठ 2: बचपनपाठ 2: किताब
पाठ 3: नादान दोस्तपाठ 3: घर
पाठ 4: चाँद से थोड़ी सी गप्पेंपाठ 4: पतंग
पाठ 5: अक्षरों का महत्वपाठ 5: भालू
पाठ 6: पार नज़र केपाठ 6: झरना
पाठ 7: साथी हाथ बढ़ानापाठ 7: धनुष
पाठ 8: ऐसे – ऐसेपाठ 8: रुमाल
पाठ 9: टिकट एल्बमपाठ 9: कक्षा
पाठ 10: झांसी की रानीपाठ 10: गुब्बारा
पाठ 11: जो देखकर भी नहीं देखतेपाठ 11: पर्वत
पाठ 12: संसार पुस्तक हैपाठ 12: हमारा घर
पाठ 13: मैं सबसे छोटी होऊंपाठ 13: कपडे की दूकान
पाठ 14: लोकगीतपाठ 14: फूल
पाठ 15: नौकरपाठ 15: बातचीत
पाठ 16: वन के मार्ग मेंपाठ 16: शिलॉन्ग से फ़ोन
पाठ 17: साँस – साँस में बांसपाठ 17: तितली
बाल रामकथा – Bal RamKathaपाठ 18: ईश्वरचंद्र विद्यासागर
पाठ 1: अवधपुरी में रामपाठ 19: प्रदर्शनी
पाठ 2: जंगल और जनकपुरपाठ 20: चिट्ठी
पाठ 3: दो वरदानपाठ 21: अंगुलिमाल
पाठ 4: राम का वन गमनपाठ 22: यात्रा की तैयारी
पाठ 5: चित्रकूट में भरतपाठ 23: हाथी
पाठ 6: दंडक वन में दस वर्षपाठ 24: डॉक्टर
पाठ 7: सोने का हिरनपाठ 25: जयपुर से पत्र
पाठ 8: सीता की खोजपाठ 26: बढे चलो
पाठ 9: राम और सुग्रीवपाठ 27: ब्यर्थ की शंका
पाठ 10: लंका में हनुमानपाठ 28: गधा और सियार
पाठ 11: लंका विजय
पाठ 12: राम का राज्याभिषेक

ncert Book for Class 6 English

English textbook of Class 6 ncert covers all concepts as prescribed in the syllabus of Class 6 English. The textbook of English helps in improving skills in the English language. These books are designed by subject matter experts by referring to prescribed English syllabus. Moreover, the textbook of English is very interactive and fun-loving.

ncert Book for Class 6 English Honeysuckle
ncert Book for Class 6 English A Pact With the Sun

Download ncert Class 6 English Books Chapter-wise:

HoneysuckleA Pact with the Sun – Supplementary Reader
Chapter 1: Who Did Patrick’s Homework? & A House, A HomeChapter 1: A Tale of Two Birds
Chapter 2: How the Dog Found Himself a New Master! & The KiteChapter 2: The Friendly Mongoose
Chapter 3: Taro’s Reward & The QuarrelChapter 3: The Shepherd’s Treasure
Chapter 4: An Indian – American Woman in Space: Kalpana Chawla & BeautyChapter 4: The Old-Clock Shop
Chapter 5: A Different Kind of School & Where Do All the Teachers Go?Chapter 5: Tansen
Chapter 6: Who I Am & The Wonderful WordsChapter 6: The Monkey and the Crocodile
Chapter 7: Fair PlayChapter 7: The Wonder Called Sleep
Chapter 8: A Game of Chance & VocationChapter 8: A Pact with the Sun
Chapter 9: Desert Animals & WhatifChapter 9: What Happened to the Reptiles
Chapter 10: The Banyan TreeChapter 10: A Strange Wrestling Match

Importance of ncert Class 6 Textbook

ncert Class 6 textbook helps in building a strong foundation for the higher classes. These textbooks are followed by all the affiliated schools of CBSEThese textbooks are followed by all the affiliated schools of ncert. The concepts of the ncert Class 6 textbook play a very important role in developing young minds by guiding them in the right direction of knowledge. Thus, ncert textbooks are the best option for students studying in Class 6.

Frequently Asked Questions on ncert Books for Class 6

Where can I get the best ncert Books for Class 6?

You can get the best ncert Books for Class 6 from etsbuy. The subject matter experts design the chapter wise PDFs to help students with the revision. The solutions strictly adhere to the CBSE syllabus and guidelines to indulge students in the exam preparation more rigorously. Every answer is framed by the experts with utmost care to enable problem solving abilities among students. The PDF format of solutions are available at etsbuy which can be downloaded and accessed by the students. The solutions are created in an easy to understand format with an aim of helping students to score well in the board exams.

How are ncert Books for Class 6 helpful for CBSE Board Exams?

ncert Books for Class 6 provides huge questions to exercise regularly. This made it easier to attend all the questions in exams on time. The short answer type of questions and multiple-choice questions keep them busy solving problems throughout their whole academic year.

Is the ncert Books for Class 6 sufficient for the ncert students?

Students under the CBSE board are advised to choose the best ncert Books for Class 6 available in the current market. The ncert books from etsbuy are created by the experts with the main aim of helping students to score well in the board exams. Students who find it difficult to answer the textbook questions can refer to the solutions to get an overall idea about the chapter. The solutions help in clarifying the queries of students which arise while learning the chapter. The answers are prepared in an understandable language to make learning fun for the students.

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