NCERT Solutions Class 9 Political Science (Civics)

NCERT Solutions for Class 9 Political Science (Civics)

NCERT Solutions for Class 9 Political Science Democratic Politics – I – Free PDF Download

NCERT Solutions for Class 9 Political Science provides students a clear knowledge of the worldly affairs. While preparing the solutions, the CBSE board incorporate politics to build a strong hold on the subject among students. It basically lays a strong foundation on how democracy is developed in India and in the world. The subject experts at BYJU’S create the solutions to assist the students in their exam preparation. Among all the study materials available online, the solutions at BYJU’S are created with utmost care by keeping in mind the understanding ability of Class 9 students.

Here, the topics range from constitutional and legal to procedural details. To facilitate easier comprehension of this subject, we provide an exhaustive list of useful resources. A significant resource that can help students to prepare for the exams includes the NCERT Solutions For Class 9 Political Science (Civics). These chapter-wise solutions are available for download in PDF format, as well. Answers given to these questions covered by the NCERT Solutions are concise and accurate, typical to what should be answered for the final exams.

NCERT Solutions Class 9 Political Science – Access Chapter wise Answers

For the benefit of students under the CBSE board, NCERT Solutions for Class 9 Political Science are available in PDF format. Before learning the chapter, it is important for the students to understand the topics and the marks weightage. Democratic Politics are of two types namely, individuals are elected and representatives are elected. This chapter explains about the features of the government, difference from other government types and advantages in our daily lives.

Students can download these NCERT Solutions for Class 9 Political Science to revise the entire subject and also score high in the exams. The chapter wise solution links are provided in the table below.

Chapter 1 – What is Democracy? Why Is Democracy?
Chapter 2 – Constitutional Design
Chapter 3 – Electoral Politics
Chapter 4 – Working of Institutions
Chapter 5 – Democratic Rights

Before answering the textbook questions, students should get a thorough understanding of the chapter wise topics. They are recommended to answer the textbook questions and cross check them with the solutions to understand the points which are important for the exam. Students who use the NCERT Solutions on a daily basis will get a strong hold on the chapters covered in the prescribed textbook.

NCERT Solutions Class 9 Political Science Chapters Description

Students can quickly learn the concepts of the subject with the help of these solutions. They have to solve these questions from the NCERT Textbook for Class 9 Social Science regularly and practise. These solutions are created for the questions from the textbooks as per the updated NCERT syllabus. Students are, however, advised to solve these solutions on their own before checking the answers.

Chapter 1: What is Democracy? Why is Democracy? – Term I

After reading this chapter, students will be able to distinguish between a democratic form of government and non-democratic government. They are also introduced to a broader idea of democracy. The exercise has a total of 10 questions, and all of them are short answer questions. So, it’s easy for the students to remember these answers. In exams, the questions from this chapter can be asked for 1 or 2 marks.

Topics Covered in Class 9 Political Science Chapter 1 What is Democracy? Why is Democracy? for First Term:

  • What is Democracy?
  • Features of Democracy
  • Why Democracy?
  • Broader Meaning of Democracy

Chapter 2: Constitutional Design – Term I

This chapter has given an overview of how the Indian Constitution was designed and why it was necessary to design the constitution. In the end, students will find the questions related to this topic. There are a total of 10 questions, and we have provided the answer of all in the solutions PDF.

Topics Covered in Class 9 Political Science Chapter 2 Constitutional Design for First Term:

  • Why do we need a Constitution?
  • Making of the Indian Constitution
  • Guiding Values of the Indian Constitution

Chapter 3: Electoral Politics – Term II

Through this chapter, students will get to know the election process in India and also look into each stage of an election in-depth. The exercise has 11 questions in total 2 questions were based on true and false, one on match the following and the rest are short type questions. Just by having a look at the answers, students can easily understand them.

Topics Covered in Class 9 Political Science Chapter 3 Electoral Politics for Second Term:

  • Why Elections?
  • What is our System of Elections?
  • What makes elections in India democratic?

Chapter 4: Working of Institutions – Term II

In this chapter, students will get to know how the government works in India. They will also understand the types of Institutions running in a democratic government. The answers to all the 10 questions of the exercise are provided in the NCERT Solutions Class 9 Social Science Political Science.

Topics Covered in Class 9 Political Science Chapter 4 Working of Institutions for Second Term:

  • How is the major policy decision taken?
  • Parliament
  • Political Executive
  • Judiciary

Chapter 5: Democratic Rights

The last chapter of Class 9 Civics contains a total of 10 questions. By going through the solutions, students will find that the answers are not too long. Although we have provided the answers to all questions, if the students want to, they can also write the answers in their own way.

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