Rbse solution for Class 5 EVS Chapter 21 Like Father Like Daughter

ncert solution for Class 5 EVS Chapter 21

Fill IN The Table:ncert solution for Class 5 EVS Chapter 21

Q1: Ashima sneezed just like her father. Do you have any such habit or trait which is similar to that of someone in your family? What is it? Whom is it similar to?

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Q1: Does your face or anything else look similar to that of someone else in your family? What is it?

Answer: Yes, some my facial features resembles my parents. My eyes and eye lashes are like my mother, teeth like my father.

Q2: Did someone tell you this or did you find it out yourself?

Answer: My relatives and neighbors told to me this.

Q3: How do you feel when people compare you with someone else in your family? Why do you feel so?

Answer: I feel happy because I am a part of great family.

Q4: Who laughs the loudest in your family? Laugh like that person.

Answer: My uncle laughs loudest in my family.

Q5: Make a list of all the family members from Nilima’s nani to little Samir. How they all are related to Nilima? Write.

Answer: List of Nilima’s family members:

Nani – Nilima’s grandmother

Eldest nani – Nilima’s nani’s sister

Elder son of nani – Nilima’s mama

Kiran – Nilima’s cousin

Samir – Nilima’s nephew

Find out:

Q1: In your family are there any such examples of uncle-nephews or brother-sisters, where there is a big difference in the age? Find out from your elders.

Answer: Yes, I do have uncle-nephews, brother and sisters are in my family where there is big age difference in the age.

Find out And Write:

Q1: Does Nilima have curly hair like her nani’s? Now you look for some special trait in your sister or brother (could also be cousins). Like the colour of eyes, dimples in cheeks, height, broad or sharp nose, voice, etc. See if this trait comes from the father’s side or the mother’s side. Make this table in your notebook and fill it. An example is given.

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Answer: Yes, Nilima have curly hair like her nani’s.

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Q2: Have you seen a very young child in your (or any other) family? Whom does the child’s eyes, nose, hair or fingers look like in the family? Write their names.

Answer: Yes, I have seen my aunt’s child. Child’s eyes like mother, nose like father, hair like child’s brother and fingers like grandfather.

Q3: Nilima’s hair is like her nani’s – thick and curly. Nilima’s mother has straight, brown and limp hair? What type of hair do you have – black or brown, oily or dry?

Answer: I have black straight hair.

Q4: What is the colour of your hair? Measure and write the length of your hair.

Answer: My hair colour is black it is nearly 35cm.

Q5: Is your hair like that of anyone else in your family? If yes, then name the person.

Answer: Yes, it is like my father.

Q6: Who has the longest hair in your family?

Answer: My mother has the longest hair in my family.

Q7: How many people do you know whose hair is longer than one metre? Does having long hair run in their family?

Answer: My teacher has longer hair than one metre. Yes, I heard having long hair runs in her family.

Q8: Do you know how to measure your height? Measure yourself from head to toe and write how tall you are.

Answer: Yes, I know how to measure height. I can do it using measuring tape or meter scale. My height is about 130cm.

Q9: How tall do you think you will be when you grow up? Is anyone else in your family of the same height?

Answer: I think I will be about 5.8 feet in height when I grow up because my father’s height is 5.8 feet.


Q1: What is similar between Saroja and Suvasini? What is different?

Answer: Both Saroja and Suvasini look like mirror images because they are twin sisters. Suvasini can speak both Marathi and Tamil, while Saroja can speak only Tamil. Suvasini is a good singer while Saroja is karate exponent.

Q2: Do you know any twins? What is similar in them? How are they different?

Answer: Yes, there are two twin sisters in my school. They look similar in almost every traits. One of them has a long nose.

But not this from parents:

Q1: Have you read or heard anything about polio? Where?

Answer: Yes, I heard about polio in newspaper.

Q2: Have you read or heard any news about ‘pulse polio’? What?

Answer: Yes, I heard about pulse polio. It is a program conducted by government to eradicate the polio from the country. Child below five years will give two drops of medicine and this is free of cost.

Q3: Do you know of anyone who has polio?ncert solution for Class 5 EVS Chapter 21

Answer: I saw many people who have polio.

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