RBSE Solutions for Class 9 English Chapter 8 Poem On Killing a Tree here

Chapter 8 Poem On Killing a Tree here

Thinking about the Poem
Chapter 8 Poem On Killing a Tree here

Question 1. Can a “simple jab of the knife” kill a tree? Why not?

Answer: No, a simple jab of the knife cannot kill a tree because the tree grows with a lot of nutrients and resources. Even if one cuts it, it will sprout again.

Question 2. How has the tree grown to its full size? List the words suggestive of its life and activity.

Answer: The tree has grown to its full size by consuming the earth, feeding upon its crust, absorbing years of sunlight, air and water.

The words suggestive of its life and activity are: absorbing, feeding, rising, consuming and sprouting.

Question 3. What is the meaning of “bleeding bark”? What makes it bleed?

Answer: The “bleeding bark” indicates the idea where the tree has been cut. Just like humans bleed blood when they get wounded, trees release a liquid at the place where they are cut. So, the tree bleeds.

Question 4. The poet says “No” in the beginning of the third stanza. What does he mean by this?

Answer: The poet says “No” in the beginning of the third stanza. It emphasizes that only cutting or chopping the tree will not cease its existence.

Question 5. What is the meaning of “anchoring earth” and “earth cave”?

Answer: The “anchoring earth” means that the earth works as an anchor to protect the tree and saves it from getting uprooted.

“Earth cave” implies the depth of the mother earth where the tree spreads its roots and gets nurtured.

Question 6. What does he mean by “the strength of the tree exposed”?

Answer: He means to say that when one tries to pull out the tree along with its roots which are spread deep inside the earth, one will understand the strength of the tree.

Question 7. What finally kills the tree?

Answer: When the tree is pulled out along with its roots and separated from the mother earth, one has to subject it to scorching sun and let it wither. This will finally kill the tree.

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