Rbse Solutions for Class 5 EVS Chapter 13

ncert Solutions for Class 5 EVS Chapter 13

Find out ncert Solutions for Class 5 EVS Chapter 13

Q1. Check in your map. Which states would one pass through while travelling from Mumbai to Kashmir?

Answer: We pass through places like Maharashtra, Gujarat, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Haryana, Punjab, Himachal Pradesh and Jammu and Kashmir when travelling from Mumbai to Kashmir.

Q2. Gaurav Jani passed through several states while going from Mumbai to Delhi. Find the capital cities of these states. Was there any other big town on his way?

Answer: Gaurav Jani when going from Mumbai to Delhi he would have passed through Maharashtra: Mumbai, Gujarat: Gandhinagar, Rajasthan: Jaipur, Haryana: Chandigarh.

So some of the big cities on his way would be Ahmedabad, Jaipur, Chandigarh etc.

Q3. Is Manali a plain or a hilly area? In which state is it?

Answer: Manali is a hilly area, it is situated in Himachal Pradesh.


Q1. Have you ever stayed in a tent? Where? What was it like?

Answer: Yes I have stayed in a tent when I had been on a vacation to Manali. It was a thrilling experience for me.

Q2. Imagine that you were to stay alone in a small tent for two days and could take with you only ten things. Make a list of those ten things.

Answer: If I were to stay alone in the tent for 2 days then I would carry things like blankets, clothes, food, repellents, water, protection guard, first aid kit, camera, torch, woollen clothes, shoes etc.

Q3. What are the different types of houses that you have seen? Tell your friends about it. Make drawings too.

Answer: I have seen different types of houses like cave houses, castle, apartment, single-family detached house, carriage etc.

Cave houses:

ncert Answers for Class 5 EVS Chapter 13 – A Shelter So High! - image 1

A carriage house:

ncert Answers for Class 5 EVS Chapter 13 – A Shelter So High! - image 2

An apartment:

ncert Answers for Class 5 EVS Chapter 13 – A Shelter So High! - image 3


Q1. During winters, Tashi and his family live on the ground floor. Why would they be doing so?

Answer: During winters, Tashi and his family would live on the ground floor because their ground floor has no windows in turn which would keep them warm from the outside weather.

Q2. What is the roof of your house like? What all is the roof used for?

Answer: My roof top is flat in shape. We use the roof top for drying clothes, drying food items etc. during summers we sleep on the roof top since it would be hot inside the house.

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Q1. At what height is the place where you live?

Answer: I live in a place where it is situated at a height of 350meters above sea level.

Q2. Why did Gaurav Jani say – “This place is so high that it is difficult to breathe normally?”

Answer: The air usually becomes thinner to breathe when going to high altitudes. Hence the oxygen levels would have gone down so Gaurav Jani said so.

Q3. Have you ever been to a hilly place? Where?

Answer: Yes I had been to a hilly place located at Himachal Pradesh.

Q4. At what height was it? Did you have any difficulty in breathing there?

Answer: Yes breathing became difficult when I reached a height of 1654meters.

Q5. Which is the highest place you have been to?

Answer: The highest place I had been to was keylong pass.

Q6. For the Changpas their animals are a very important part of their life. Is any animal part of your life? For example, as a pet, or as helpers in farming.

Answer: Yes dog is an important part of my life.

Q7. List five ways in which different animals are a part of your life.

Answer: Five ways in which different animals are a part of life are

  • Cow – it helps in producing milk.
  • Ox – it helps the farmers in farming.
  • Sheep – its fur is very useful.
  • Dog – it gives protection.

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Q1. You read that in Changthang the temperature drops below 0°C. Look at newspapers on the TV to find cities in India or abroad where the temperature drops below 0°C. In which months do you expect to see this?

Answer: In India the cities which drop below 0o C is Leh, Ladak, Kashmir, manali, etc. in abroad cities like Switzerland, Ottawa, Siberia, Antarctica etc. this usually happens in the month of December and January.


The houses in different parts of Jammu and Kashmir are made to suit the climate and the needs of the people there.

Q1. Are there different types of houses in the place where you live? If yes, think about the reasons.

Answer: Yes there are different types of houses in the locality I live in. Depending on the budget, people have built up their buildings like: very rich people have constructed bungalows, middle class people own an apartment, and poor people build up huts.

Q2. Think of your own house. Is there something special in it – like a sloping roof as it rains a lot, or a courtyard where you can sleep when it is hot or where things are kept in the sun (for drying, etc.)? Make a drawing.

Answer: Yes my house has a sloping roof. When it rains heavily the water slops down the roof. We also have a courtyard at the back of the house for drying things.

ncert Answers for Class 5 EVS Chapter 13 – A Shelter So High! - image 4

Q3. What are the materials used for making your house? Is it mud, brick, stone, wood or cement?

Answer: Materials required to build my house is mud, brick, cement, glass, wood, stone etc.

Discuss and write

Q1. Can you guess the similarities and differences in the life of Bakarwal people and the life of the Changpas.

Answer: Here are a few similarities between the life of Bakarwal people and life of the Changpas.

  • They live in the mountains of Jammu and Kashmir.
  • They keep moving from one place to another.
  • They earn their livelihood by selling the fur obtained from these animals.
  • They eat meat of animals like sheep, yak, goat etc.

The difference between the life of Bakarwal people and life of the Changpas is that.

  • The Bakarwal people gaze any type of goat and sheep at any place. And stay at low altitudes only.
  • But Changpas gaze only special type of goat at high altitude because their wool would be very softly which is very costly. They live at high altitudes only.

What we have learnt

You read about different kinds of shelters in Jammu and Kashmir – some on high mountains, some on water, some with beautiful designs in wood and stone, and some mobile shelters that can even be packed and carried to another place.

Q1. Describe how these shelters suit the needs of the people who live there.

Answer: The shelters are built as per the needs of the people who live there. The houses which are built using stone and wood provide good warmth during winter season. Houses on water ie., the boathouse provides all the comforts required by the occupants. Tents which are built at high altitudes by the Changpas are good for people who keep wandering a lot.

Q2. How are these different from the house you live in?

Answer: The houses which we live in, is built as per our requirements and depends on the weather conditions. We use cement, bricks, stone, wood etc. to construct a house. But in case of Changpas or Bakarwal people, they build up tents and keep wandering. Hence our houses are different from them.

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