RBSE Solutions of Class 7 English updated 2021-22

RBSE Solutions of Class 7 English

RBSE Solutions of Class 7 English Here are the links to the unit-wise Textbook, Honeycomb and The Alien Hand Supplementary Textbook Solutions.

Honeycomb Textbook Solutions:

RBSE Solutions of Class 7 English
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RBSE Solutions of Class 7 English In the fast growing world, knowledge of English is necessary to show one’s manifestation. In all the sectors, a specialist in English is required for a smooth functioning. Studying a language like English develops the reasoning capacity and thought process of an individual. For this purpose, RBSE Solutions of Class 7 English Honeycomb consists of stories and poems which leads to in-depth thinking.  The Class 7 English Syllabus contains creative pieces from well known authors and writers who explain briefly about their views on human emotions and life.

Unit 1 Three QuestionsUnit 1 Poem: The Squirrel
Unit 2 A Gift of ChappalsUnit 2 Poem: The Rebel
Unit 3 Gopal and the Hilsa FishUnit 3 Poem: The Shed
Unit 4 The Ashes That Made Trees BloomUnit 4 Poem: Chivvy
Unit 5 QualityUnit 5 Poem: Trees
Unit 6 Expert DetectivesUnit 6 Poem: Mystery of the Talking Fan
Unit 7 The Invention of Vita-WonkUnit 7 Poem: Dad and the Cat and the Tree
Unit 8 Fire: Friend and FoeUnit 8 Poem: Meadow Surprises
Unit 9 A Bicycle in Good RepairUnit 9 Poem: Garden Snake
Unit 10 The Story of Cricket
RBSE Solutions of Class 7 English

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